I’m not able to make a payment

Check if your operator is supported by Fortumo

Please go to our coverage page and choose your country to see the supported operators. If it’s not supported – we’re sorry, but we are working on it!

Check if your contract allows Premium SMS services

Your mobile contract must allow using Premium SMS services – please check with your mobile operator. In most of the cases ability to send Premium SMS is necessary to use payment on the mobile phones.

Premium SMS (also known as PSMS) is an easy way for you to make a payment from your mobile phone. You are simply charged for sending out a text message to a specific number (short code) which has a special cost.


Do you have enough balance on your prepaid calling card?

If you don’t have enough balance, then your mobile payment attempt will definitely fail. If your operator cannot charge you, then the service cannot be delivered. Please first make sure that you have enough credit to make a successful mobile payment.

Have you correctly followed payment instructions?

For example: if you did the payment on the web, then you always have to go through the purchase flow first and only THEN send an SMS to the number displayed on the final screen;

If you manually sent the SMS, check that there was no typo in message content or short-code (phone number) you sent the message to.

I have checked the above options and everything seems correct

This is strange! You’re probably having a temporary connection issue. Please make sure that you have enough credits on your card, and you’re in an area with cellular network coverage. If you’re making a web payment on your mobile device, then please check out your wifi connection and try again.

If you still need any assistance, please contact us using this form.